Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Since Year 2000

PWN Consultants was established in the Year 2000.

PWN is an acronym for Pemimpin Wawasan Negara. Embedded in the name is a Mission: to build more leaders in carrying out national vision, and also to create more visionary leaders to build nations.

We aimed at equipping the people with team spirit and time-proven problem solving tools & methodology, to enable sustainability of high performances & profits for the benefit of both employees & employers.

We have trained teams of people who later made breakthroughs in companies to save/gain Millions of dollars and became the First Choice among their cusomers.

We also have experts to develop your people in the areas of Safety Health Environment (SHE), HR, Personality Traits, Handwriting Analysis, Continuous Improvement, Quality & Productivity, Teamwork, Leadership, Communication, & etc.

We believe that when given a chance at training & development, every employee can have equal opportunities to make a difference more effectively and significantly.

Our email address fh (free hospital) indicates a dream to open free hospitals for the poor. The hospital staffs will be specialists from all over the world who volunteered 1 week in a year at the hospital. The rich patients are given chances to charity when they pay for their treatment as well as another poor patient's treatment at the hospital. Blessings & laughter can heal and improve the quality of life even faster or more significantly than just laughter alone.

If you are inspired.. or have a better idea to improve the quality of life in this world.. please go ahead and obey your impulse to good.

To all our partners out there (consultants / trainers / educationers / researchers), who earnestly putting effort in People Development to creating a better world, may you be blessed always & forever. We look forward for opportunities to work with you and for you to work with us. Please email us your resume, field of expertise, and your terms/expectations at

“Building People To Build Nations!”